Monday, November 9, 2009


So, I go to school and I hate it. But i guess it's okay because when i'm in class, instead of taking notes or listening, I draw fun pictures and make up insults!

In this one, I drew a guy poking his eye and saying "not so much", made up new lyrics to the Rihanna song Umbrella, made up the obviously poetic new saying 'buying affection, selling crack', and invented my new fave insult "Your life is a sandwich! (and your head is a bowling ball)", but the second part is optional.

In these architecture history notes, I drew sunglasses and learned that the architect (more like starchitect, am i right?) Louis I. Kahn has tense hands. Learning = fawesome

Thursday, November 5, 2009


this is my extremely nice (not anymore!) non-stick pan that jenn ruined with all her hot dogs and eggs and still hasn't washed (since monday! gross).

AND she is currently listening to that song 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles (i had to look it up because I would never listen to music that is popular enough to get played on the radio, OBVS) DOUBLE GROSS


This is the linoleum block I have to carve to make a retarded caveman copy of it for art class. Have art people not heard of xerox machines?? for serious

Also, I might have a serious mental issue and shouldn't be using words like retarded in jest because i might offend myself. I cut my foot (bleeding type, not just a scrape) while carving this thing. I don't think I would've survived pre-kinkos. fuck!

art people

Today, in performance art class, I got held cult-style (everyone had their arms out while I laid on top of them) by 15 other people and rocked while they hummed 'play that funky music'.
Then, we had a drum circle which included singing in tongues and a homemade aluminum giant triangle made by a man with a 3-foot long braid he likes to stroke.

and then I did some weird stuff I won't write because it will sound like lies.


I have a horrible roommate, Jenn, and I hate her.
here are some things she does:
-calls her boyfriend 'puppy
-calls her boyfriend 'babe'
-talks to her boyfriend on videochat
-talks breathily to her boyfriend on vidchat
-eats hotdogs and eggs in our room (bird me please)
-is chubby
-is not a hipster asian like i'd hoped
-doesn't smell nice